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Community Sailing Programs


Capitanes de Barrio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is a BIG sailing nation, with the widest river in the world. But unfortunately sailing is not accessible to all. CAPITANES DE BARRIO is making a huge step towards equal opportunities by bringing kids from the riverside to sail at the local yacht clubs. Some already made it to sail at a national championship level!

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Eleuthera Sailing Academy

Eleuthera, The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its pristine waters and beautiful sailing conditions. And despite having a big history with boats, sailing isn't available for everyone. In fact, many kids don´t  know how to swim! The Eleuthera Sailing Academy started in 2020 offers a variety of water sports and is connecting local children with high-performance athletes on one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world.


Fundacion Vela Inclusiva

Misiones, Argentina

A non-profit Organization connected to a Sailing Club makes a real and positive change in their community through sailing.  Inspiring story in the riverside of Misiones, Argentina.

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Club de Velas
Puerto Aventuras

Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Only a few kilometers south of Cancun, the Club de Velas Puerto Aventuras created a place in which children from completely different backgrounds get together to enjoy the water and wind. Here they not just learn how to sail, but also train hard to become National Champions!

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Exuma Sailing Club

The Bahamas

 Located in one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, a local family created a place in which every local kid can get learn how to sail and build a long-life relationship with the sea. 

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Viento en Popa


Inspiring project in Uruguay! They share the dream to give young people access to the values and teachings that sailing activities can provide.  On a lake Laguna del Sauce they invite children from all different backgrounds to learn how to sail and be part of the sailing team! 

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Geneva Sailing School


In collaboration with various local social organisations, the Geneva Sailing School created a network of solidarity which allows access to everyone to the benefits of sailing - a physical and mental disconnection from everyday life!

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Harbour Island Sailing Club

The Bahamas

A amazing example of non-profit Junior Sailing Club on Harbour Island, Bahamas. ´Our goal is to teach our kids the art of sailing, teamwork, self-discipline and fun at sea´. A beautiful group of kids led by volunteers colouring the waters around the harbour every weekend. Some made it to the national level and even participated in international events. However they can always use a helping hand!! 

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