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Our Story

Make Them Sailors (MTS) is a foundation that works as a network in which community-based sailing projects can all work together, help each other, tell our stories, and most important; together give every child the opportunity to learn to sail. 

Everything started when we were living on our boat, sailing along the Caribbean coast of south and Central America. On the San Bernando islands, off the Colombian coast, a young fisherman kid ´Juan Pablo´ approached us on his dug-out canoe and asked us if we wanted to teach him how to sail! You can follow the story on the video above.

We realized that in many sailing destinations the local communities do not participate in the sailing activities and the local youth has no opportunity to learn how to sail! Being aware of the huge impact sailing has always had on our lives we passionately believe it can change their lives too.

Make Them Sailors currently supports different inclusive sailing schools around the world which provides kids from vulnerable communities with the opportunity to sail in order to reach their potentials by fostering personal development, environmental education, and creating new job opportunities for them in the sailing industry.


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